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        Updated on May 9, 2019
          Cardiovascular Center
              Cardiac & Vascular Surgery       Cardiovascular Medicine
              Thoracic Surgery       
          Dermatovenerology Center
          Digestive Disease Center
              Digestive Endoscopy Center       Gastroenterology
              Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Surgery       Gastrointestinal Surgery
              Hepatobiliary Surgery       
          Emergency Center
          Internal Medicine
              Endocrinology & Metabolism       General Practice
              Hematology       Infectious Diseases
              Nephrology       Psychosomatic Medicine
              Rheumatology & Immunology       TCM & Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medcine
          Medical Technical Departments
              Blood Transfusion       Basic Laboratory
              Clinical Laboratory       Nuclear Medicine
              Pathology       Pharmacy
              Radiology       Ultrasound
          Neurological Center
              Integrated Neurological Department       Neurology
          Oncology Center
          Orthopedic Center
              Hand Surgery       Joint Surgery
              Spine Surgery       Traumatic Orthopedics
          Rehabilitation Medicine Center
          Respiratory Disease Center
              Anesthesiology & Operation Dept.       Anorectal Surgery
              Breast and Thyroid Surgery       Burn and Plastic Surgery
              Critical Care Medicine       Medical Cosmetology
              Ophthalmology       Otorhinolaryngology
              Pediatric Surgery       Stomatology
          Women & Children's Center
              HIFU Center       Neonatal Ward
              Obstetrics & Gynecology       Pediatrics
              Prenatal Diagnosis Center       
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